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Vaak hoor je mensen zeggen "I wanna heal the world" of "Let's heal the world", het is echter geen kwestie van de wereld helen, het gaat erom onszelf te helen. Door onszelf te helen, helen we de wereld. Het is een innerlijk proces. "Healing the world" speelt zich af in onze binnenwereld, hoe drastisch en schrijnend de hedendaagse processen in de buitenwereld ook moge zijn. Hierbij overigens de opmerking dat we allemaal al heel zijn. We zijn echter door trauma's en conditionering de verbinding met onszelf kwijt, met onze ware essentie. Die verbding herstellen en ons ontdoen van trauma en conditionering, daar gaat het om. Daar zit de zogenaamde heling, of beter gezegd: de bevrijding. De wereld helen gaat over jezelf helen, en jezelf helen gaat over innerlijke verlossing. Middels het doen van innerlijk werk. Innerlijke verlossing is hard werken aan je Innerlijke Wereld. Je gedachten, gevoelens en emoties telkens weer in een liefdevolle neutraliteit terug brengen. Daarbij jezelf onder ogen willen zien.

* Bewustwording

* Het pijnlichaam

* Schaduwwerk

* Your healing is my healing

***** MY WISH FOR ALL OF US *****

I wish for each and everyone of us that we will be able to let go of all things negative in our hearts and minds, such as pain, anger, hate, fear, grief, grudge, jealousy, envy, judgement, bitterness, addictions, shame, harming thought patterns and toxic or limiting belief systems - to name just a few - to make room for love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, gratitude, peace, harmony, happiness and more of all the good stuff!

It is not only the way to a happier life, it is the way to a better world :-)
This world so desperately needs change and this starts with ourselves, because change starts within.

The way to a better world is the way within, it's inner work first and foremost.

World peace is only possible if we first have peace in our own hearts.

So I wish for all of us that we will have great opportunities, tools, practices, time and resources to be able to do the necessary inner work and the willingness, courage, strength and discipline to actually do it and face ourselves.

Let's simply take responsibility and go for it, okay!

Let's take responsibility of our thoughts, ideas, behaviour, feelings, emotions and moods, of the words we say and the things we do.

Let's practice conscious consumerism, what do we buy, use, wear, eat, read, watch, listen to.

And for sure let's leave the pity party and quit playing the blame game.

There are wayyy better parties to attend and wayyy funnier games to play.

Playing small is not getting us anywhere either.

Instead let's all take our power back and embrace our greatness.

* May we shift from revengefullness and 'eye for an eye' to forgiveness, understanding and mercy.
* May we shift from arrogance, conceit and ignorance to respect, humbleness, knowledge and awareness.
* May we shift from harshness and aggression to kindness, sympathy and supporting each other.
* May we shift from stress, depression, illness, suffering, anxiety, loneliness, isolation and the need to have controle to balance, flow, good physical and mental health, inspiration, purpose, bliss, joy, community and having faith in life.
* May we shift from corruption, discrimination and immorality to integrity, equality and justice.
* May we shift from competition, rivalry, hunger for power, greed, individualization, narcissism and and selfishness to collaborating, co-creating, sharing, belonging, brotherhood and togetherness.
* May we shift from consumerism, wasting, exploitation to creating, recycling and sustainability.
* In other words, may we shift from serving ourselves to serving society, and to serving Mother Earth and all her beautiful flora and fauna.

* May we shift from suppression and entrapment - by society but maybe even more so by ourselves - to liberation and freedom.

* May we be like a caterpillar that frees itself from its constricting cocoon to transform into a beautiful free butterfly.

* May the whole wide world shift into the paradigm of love.
This is all possible you know, if we do our inner work!

So may we heal, cleanse, purify, liberate and empower ourselves, and wake up and simply BE the change we wish to see in the world.

With an open heart and an open mind.

May we lead by example, speak our truth and walk the talk.

And most of all: May we shine our Light and spread the Love.

We got this!

Keep on smiling, keep on dancing and love, peace and happiness FOR ALL ♥


  • Gitta Sluijters
    The New World Consciousness